A Philly Ches

Regional Sandwich Evolution

From the bustling streets of Philadelphia with its iconic Cheesesteak to the aromatic stalls of Vietnam serving Banh Mi, and onto the refined tea rooms of the UK boasting the Egg Salad Tea Sandwich; explore the history behind these sandwich classics and spark your local sandwich adventure.
Is a hot dog a sandwich?

Is the Hot Dog a Sandwich?

While this is reasonably definitive, even prestigious dictionaries have difficulty closing a debate on what a word means by themselves. Fortunately, the good folks at Wikipedia have fully endorsed the “hot dog is a sandwich” argument.
a thanksgiving sandwich with delicate and secret ingredients

Sandwich Secrets

Discover the art and science behind the perfect grilled sandwich, the nuanced difference between a melt and grilled cheese, and why a diagonal cut elevates your sandwich experience.
Heat, and Gestalt in Sandwiches

Heat, and Gestalt in Sandwiches

Mastering the art of heat in sandwich-making can transform simple ingredients into a culinary delight, emphasizing the principle that a great sandwich's whole is often greater than the sum of its parts.
Salt, the true elixir of life

Salt, the true elixir of life

Salt, a cornerstone of culinary history and flavor enhancement, plays a critical role in cooking, from preserving meats to elevating sandwich ingredients like cured ham, feta, and soy sauce.
What is a Sandwich?

What is a Sandwich?

A sandwich is a construct containing multiple layers of ingredients. A precise definition faces certain linguistic and cultural difficulties, making sandwiches an ideal example of a “Fuzzy Concept”.

Discover the joy of sandwiches

Dive into recipes, fascinating ingredient analysis, and irresistible sandwich tips.

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